Monday, 23 November 2015

Baby Massage

Last week we went to a baby massage class. Learning how to do baby massage is something I wanted to learn how to do so that I can make it part of Luke’s bed time routine. We've decided to introduce it after Luke has had his bath at night, but you can do it whenever you want. Some of the benefits of baby massage include: an opportunity for time just for the two of you, relieves physical and emotional stress in your baby, as well as possibly helping your baby to sleep better at night.

Here are a few videos of techniques we learnt at our baby massage class, as well as a couple of new techniques. I highly recommend going along to a class if there is one available in your area. It's helpful to see someone demonstrate in person and it's a nice, relaxing way to spend time with your baby. 

6 Tips for Massaging Your Little One at Home

* Massage your baby when they're relaxed and you're relaxed too. It's a lot more tricky if your baby is trying to squiggle and wriggle everywhere. 

* Make sure the room is warm and that there's no draft. You may also want to dim the lights if you're doing it before bed. 

* Put your little one on a warm towel or blanket while you massage them. (We warm Luke's towel up in the drier for a few minutes while he's having his bath). 

* Use an oil that's suitable for putting on your baby. I use almond oil, but you could use olive or sesame oil too. You only need to put a small amount into your hands to start with. Add a little bit more as you need it. 

* Let your baby or toddler know that you are going to start massaging them by talking to them or providing them with some visual cues e.g. rubbing your hands together while you warm up the oil so that they can see. Always start and finish by gently resting your hands on the area you are massaging e.g. arm. This provides a cue that you are starting or finishing massaging. 

* At the end of the massage give your little one a big cuddle and dress them quickly so that they don't get cold. If you're massaging your baby before bed after a massage is also the perfect time for a couple of bed time stories. 

 Happy massaging! x

Excuse the messy hair. It was pouring with rain as we walked into the baby massage class! x

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