Sunday, 15 November 2015

Rainbow Fun

This week our sensory theme was ‘Rainbow Fun’. Luke loved playing under the rainbow fabric, listening to one of our favourite stories, singing and exploring toys that are visually stimulating. Here are some different rainbow sensory activities that you can do with your little one. 

Playing Under the Rainbow

We set the scene for our rainbow themed activities by spreading out a rainbow coloured sleeping bag on the carpet and pegging a piece of rainbow fabric between two pieces of furniture so it would hang above Luke’s head. I gave Luke time to do some tummy time, but also to lie on his back. This enabled him to explore both pieces of fabric by looking and touching. If you can't peg the material safely to a piece of furniture you could drape it over your baby's play gym instead. See the photo below.

What Makes a Rainbow by Berry Schwartz

What Makes a Rainbow is one of my favourite children’s books. Little Rabbit asks his mum what makes a rainbow. Instead of telling him she encourages him to go and ask his friends. Little Rabbit visits Ladybird, Fox, Little Chick, Grasshopper, Bluebird and Butterfly. Each creature tells Little Rabbit one colour that helps to make a rainbow. Each time Little Rabbit finds out another colour a new ribbon magically appears in the book and is added to the rainbow. This is a really cute book and a fun way to learn about colours.

Homemade Rainbow Ribbon Toy

You will need:

x7 one metre lengths of ribbon - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
An ice cream lid or other plastic lid (I used a coconut oil lid)
A hole punch

Cut the plastic lid into the shape that you want. Cut a handle into the lid, but make sure that there are no sharp bits left behind. Punch seven holes into the lid. Thread a different coloured ribbon through each hole and tie it in place. Use a lighter to heat the ends of the ribbon to stop it from fraying.

Always supervise your baby when playing with their rainbow ribbon.

It's a Rainbow Song

If you’ve been to SPACE you’ll know the It’s a Rainbow’ song. I sang this song to Luke, while moving the rainbow fabric up and down over his head. He loved the bright colours and movement that the fabric made. When we sing ‘It’s a Rainbow’ at SPACE we have rainbows made out of ribbon that we let our babies play with and explore. Luke loved his one so much that I made a second one at home. See below to find out how to make your own rainbow out of ribbons. 

Lamaze and Hape Rainbow Themed Toys 

Here are a couple of cute rainbow themed Lamaze toys that we love.

Lamaze Toot Toot Toucan - The toucan squeaks when you squeeze his beak, has crinkly wings, different textured fabrics and lots of bright, colourful ribbons. The bright contrasting colours and patterns stimulate baby's vision, while the different textures help to develop motor skills.

Lamaze Tilly Twinklewings - Tilly Twinkle wings is a pink unicorns that adds some sparkle to baby's stroller. Featuring crinkly wings, clip clop hooves to make trotting noises and a colourful mane and tail. 

Lamaze toy descriptions from Baby City website. Click the Lamaze toy names to be taken directly to their website if you wish to purchase one of these special toys for your little one. 

Hape Rainbow Rattle - The Rainbow Rattle is a colourful, German made wooden rattle that can be manipulated into different patterns. It's perfect for babies that are teething and little hands that are learning to grasp. The perfect cute, colourful and eco-friendly rattle.

Coming Soon... 

Check back next week for a new sensory theme and another smorgasbord of fun activities. Lots of creative Christmas themed activities and ideas coming soon too! x

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